portrait pomeranian

Pomelo Press is a West Seattle based atelier, a small boutique dedicated to injecting a healthy dose of handmade, artisanal flavor into digital production. We specialize in greeting cards and giclée art prints…all lovingly printed in the studio, onto beautiful paper, one at a time. We make the most gorgeous books. Catwalk and Winter are the current Pomelo offerings.

In the same charming and painterly style, we also create custom portraits of the people you love the most, both the two and the four-legged variety.

B+W painting of young girl with big eyes

At Pomelo Press, we are interested in a wide variety of imagery. Of course, we love animals, and throughout the year feature an expansive collection of the usual suspects: dogs, cats, birds, horses. But we also delight in some slightly more unusual but equally lovable critters: bunnies, butterflies, squirrels, deer, llamas, even ladybugs…..to name just a few. As Colette so trenchantly observed: "Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet."

High contrast watercolor illustation of cat

We love all of the natural world, in fact (how could we not?) and are especially intoxicated by trees and flowers. For the winter holidays, in addition to imagery of our most cherished four-legged friends, we offer prints and greeting cards with those fauna and flora that are particularly resonant with the season. Reindeer are a great passion…..so beautiful, so graphic. Fir trees, holly, poinsettia, pine cones….all so lovely.

B+W Abstract Watercolor Trees

There’s more to Pomelo Press than even that. The Winter Holiday Season greeting cards encompass both Christmas and Chanukah themes (natch!), but also a multitude of offerings that lean more towards the Winter Solstice…more ecumenical in nature, and perhaps therefore more universal.

Of course, we offer elegant and innovative takes on Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations, Love | Friendship, and Sympathy cards.

We do über design things with fonts. We do riffs on Asian Art.

And we do color. Pure color. Absolute color, both in the Winter Holiday Collection, as well as Toujours. Because after all is said and done, that’s where we come from. Paint. Pure and simple. Rich and incredibly seductive.

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To give you a taste of the exceptional quality of Pomelo Press paper products, we are pleased to offer two sampler packs of three greeting cards each, both a Winter and Toujours version. It's a killer deal. Check 'em out.