catwalk: high fashion felines

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Copyright © John Smith, All Rights Reserved.

Pomelo Press has created a stylish and seductive book experience. Catwalk is a fabulous collection of painted felines: art for cat lovers and just plain lovers. There are forty-two captivating (cativating?) full-color images, in a variety of styles, colors and sensibilities.

Catwalk is currently available in two different flavors. One way to go is an iBook, available for download on the Apple website. Apple, in its infinite wisdom, offers a sample download of these marvelous Catwalk creatures.

The second choice is PDF format, available from Pomelo Press directly. This option is not restricted to an Apple branded gizmo, but can be read with any PDF viewer on any device. To purchase the PDF version of Catwalk, please click on the link below.

Both the iBook and the PDF editions are priced at $20.