SPHYNX V: Greeting Card. Little creature in a classic pose. You are the Cat’s Meow
PLAYDATE: Greeting Card. Two adorable kittens playing. Message is “Love”.
PLEASE DON’T EAT THE DAISIES: Greeting Card. A fabulous cat highlighted in a field of flowers
BONZAI: Greeting Card. Charming pink nose on a B&W cat. Lots of painterly splotches.
TIGER: Greeting Card. A gentle little cut in a collage of soft watercolor
FLUFFSTER: Greeting Card. An adorable cat painted in light as a feather watercolor
SPHYNX I: Greeting Card. Vintage styled little cat set in a field of hydrangea leaves
PURR-FECT: Birthday Card. An intense gaze from a lovely cat set in molten color
CLEO: Greeting Card. Delicate depiction of a cat with gorgeous eyes
BACKWARDS GLANCE: Greeting Card. Sun dappled cat against vintage tapestry pattern