• FLOWER CHILD:  A giclée art print for the holiday season featuring a wonderful cat with big bright eyes bedecked in leaves and flowers
  • ARCHIE: Giclée art print of the dog Archie, a doleful, soulful, beautiful character in a field of soft, smudgy polka dots
  • SNOWBELLE: Giclée art print of a delicate pastel-toned little cat in a field of gentle snowflakes
  • HIS HOLLYNESS:  Giclée art print featuring a marvelous little cat  framed by vintage holly. The colors are gentle; the mood is nostalgic
  • WOLFIE: A giclée art print featuring Wolfie, an iconic winter-attired dog. “HO HO HO”, indeed
  • COLD NOSE, WARM HEART: Giclée art print featuring an endearing and rambunctious canine person with a very frolicsome nature